How much does it cost?

As a member you will pay a member contribution and a yearly fee. When you use a car you will pay for the time, the driving distance and a booking fee. There is also an optional Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) for an additional fee. 

Member contribution

You will buy your stake in the co-operative society by paying the one-time member contribution of 2000 SEK per household. The membership contribution is normally returned when leaving the society. If the society should have a loss in the fiscal year before the exit from the society, the board can decide to reduce the amount to be paid back. This is according to Swedish Law (1987:667) about ”ekonomiska föreningar” (co-operative societies). (find more information under Become a member).

Yearly Fee

The yearly fee is 1800 SEK, which amounts to 150 SEK per month. If you actively participate in a work group during the year the fee will be lower the following year.  If you become a member between 1/10-31/12 the yearly fee will be valid also for the coming calendar year.

Hourly fee

15:00 SEK per hour, depending on car model. Free of charge between 23-07. Maximum fee of 240 SEK per 24 hours.

Mileage fee (fuel is included!)

26-30 SEK/10 kilometres depending on car model.

Booking fee

30 SEK per booking.

Loss Damage Waiver (optional)

There is an optional Loss Damage Waiver, if you would like to avoid the cost for potential damage to the cars. This is 20 SEK per started 24 hour period. 


The yearly fee is invoiced at the beginning of the year. All variable costs are invoiced on a monthly basis.

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